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Dada Card is a highly rated digital business card subscription service that enables entrepreneurs to obtain an affordable individualized business mini website with proper on page search engine optimization and appointment manager. The Dada Card is easy to share whilst making a great first impression.


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Key features of the Digital Business Card

A Digital Business Card is, in simple terms, a mini-website or like a simple personal portfolio page that we will host for you.

Use our easy-to-use online editor to upload your contents and create your card within minutes.

Use our prebuilt themes or customize it to the way you like it.

Make unlimited changes even when you are on the move as the editor works on your mobile device.

Responsive design, compatible with Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Save it on your phone as an App for easy access

Appointments: Let people book time with you directly through your card

Add links to your PayPal or CashApp to get paid via your card

On-Page SEO to drive organic traffic and build your Google Presence

Add as many links as needed

Easily share your card through SMS, Whatsapp or on the web

Never miss an opportunity, A contact form is available in every card. When your customers fill the form we will email you the message and you can reply directly from there


All of your links in One Place

Do you post to multiple social media platforms?

You can add as many links as you like on your card.

Share your card with clients, friends and family and they can see and follow you everywhere. They just have to open your card to find all of your links in one place.

Contact Form

Make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you by enabling a clean and practical Contact Form.

The emails from your card are sent directly to your inbox.
Not only that, you can just hit reply to reply directly to your contacts.



Let people book time with you directly through your card.

You can add your availability through our online-editor
Your clients and customers can select a suitable time from your specified time slots.

Not only that, We will automatically update your availability when someone books an appointment with you.

Starting at $3.99* per month

(* limited time offer)

Try dada-card free for 14 days.
No credit card required.


Sharing Made Simple

Share your card quick and easily through Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, or Messenger with any of your contacts.

Match With Your Branding Colors

We give you the ability to easily customize the color scheme.

Use our hand-picked color schemes
OR, change the colors as you desire.

QR Code

QR Codes

Get your unique QR code when you publish.

Share your card by giving out the QR code.

Print and place your QR picture at your place of business for easy access to your customers.

You Have the Control!

Everything is optional in your card.

Don't want to show the call button?
You can turn it off in our online-editor.

Don't want to have a contact form?
You can turn that off as well in our online-editor.

Explore our online-editor.

No coding or design skills needed!


In case you are wondering...

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you pay just the flat subscription price for the card.

Which payment methods I can use?

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When does the trial period start?

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Can I cancel my subscription later?

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