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I am a Freelance photographer and Videomaker working in different branches (Reportage, events, portraits, fashion, videoclip, documentary,...).I work as well as a photo journalist. I speak 3 languages : English, French, and Spanish. I have my own material : Canon 5D Mark II +35mm f1.4+ 50mm f1.4 + Blitz + Photo tripod + Macbook Pro, two soft box lights, analog camera and polaroids. A lot of creativity can be shared on your project, on your editorial, on your videoclip... I am open to every serious proposition included collaboration, exhibition, freelance work, contributions for Magazine/Webzine and more...


HD Background Photos

Awesome HD white background photos for use on e-commerce websites such as: Amazon, Ebay, Spotify, your own, etc.

Custom Backgrounds

Awesome Custom backgrounds/colors for individual photos for any application..

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos to match the environment your product/desire is targeting.



  • Great dedication and knowledge.

    Leonard Dixon

    Kreiger Group

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